Metricon Construction

Construction Service

We have the technical and delivery capabilities comparable to small, medium and larger organizations, such as our pre-construction service, which add value by providing innovative solutions to clients. Our dedicated construction professionals deliver quality projects on time.

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Metricon Resorts

Resort Booking

Our Resorts and invite guests to enjoy and create magical holidays across Kerala. The combination of a family influence, good management and a firm commitment to ensure that the best interests of their clients are always served provides the best package for fulfilling the holidays.

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Metricon Houseboats

Houseboat Booking

There is something uniquely restful and soothing about being around water. With the sounds, sights and colours constantly changing, it is an environment that is both relaxing and invigorating. Metricon provides House Boats for Single, Double and Three Bed Room (with food). Day and night packages are available.

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